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Regular Membership

Your firm should apply for Regular membership if it is a business organization or financial institution that (1) originates mortgage loans or other forms of real estate finance for sale to others, (2) services mortgage loans or other forms of real estate finance for others or (3) originates or invests in mortgage loans or other types of real estate finance for its own investment portfolio.

Depository institutions such as commercial banks, savings and loan associations and savings banks are eligible for Regular memberships.

Regular Single Branch Membership

         A Regular Single Location Member shall be selected and approved from mortgage
         banking  businesses, including those businesses which engage in any substantial       

         amount of origination's, closings and/or servicing of real estate mortgage Loans for
         other investors, insurance companies, banks, trusts, savings and loan associations,
         pension funds and other institutions who regularly and by established policy use the     
         services of those engaged in mortgage banking business.  A Regular Single Location 
        Branch member will not be the main office or headquarters of a lender with branches
        in other locations within North or South Carolina.  It may be a branch of a company that
        has its main office or headquarters within the Carolina or located within another state.  A
        Regular Single Location Member’s rights and benefits are those of an Associate Member. 
        Dues for a Regular Single Location Member and Regular Member will be calculated using
        the same criteria.

Associate Membership

Your firm should apply for Associate membership if it is a business organization that regularly provides support services for business organizations or financial institutions that are eligible for Regular membership.

Non-Profit Agency Associate Membership  

Your agency should apply for Non-Profit Agency Associate Membership if it is a governmental agency, (state, county, city or local) that regularly and by established policy is involved in any aspect of the mortgage lending process or does work with mortgage financing issues. 

Individual Membership

A person should apply for Individual membership if he/she is an employee or principal of a firm that would otherwise qualify for regular, associate or affiliate membership, but does not choose to do so. Individual membership is non-voting.



An application form for either Regular, Associate, Non-Profit Agency Associate, or Individual membership should be completed and returned to the MBAC office in Huntersville, NC.  Any member applying for Regular membership must provide resumes' of the managing partners. Individual membership applications must be accompanied by a resume of the person covering at least the last five (5) years of experience.

All applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee and submitted to the MBAC Board of Directors for final approval.

If you have additional questions, please contact the MBAC office at (704) 557-0204.