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  Benefits of Joining MBAC

Why Join MBAC?  

Mortgage Bankers Association of the Carolinas is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization dedicated to all mortgage banking professionals.   We support our local associations and charter members as well as Regular, Individual and Associate member base at MBAC.

MBAC has been around since 1955, representing the most successful mortgage professionals in the Carolinas with a mission to unite as an organization to sponsor educational opportunities for industry professionals; and to inform membership about changes in mortgage laws and pending legislation that affects our real estate & mortgage professionals.

MBAC is looking to help you gain more knowledge about the mortgage industry, get involved with legislative issues, become more educated about your business, of course enjoy networking opportunities at local and state events.  MBAC is leading the way for you and your peers.

Here are some specific benefits to help you decide what role you want to take at MBAC!
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The Education Committee is new this year, our goal is to establish a plan for web-based seminars based on member needs & industry changes throughout the year. These seminars are publicized through the website along with member-based login to your account.  In person events to educate our members on various training programs to keep your skills up to date.  CE Training live being established during the year and at convention in the fall. Emails to members to engage in education.


One of the most important aspects of MBAC is legislation. Currently MBAC monitors legislation that affects our industry & retains lobbyist in both North Carolina and South Carolina to keep all members apprised of recent or pending changes in legislation that currently affects our industry. Regular legislative updates are distributed to members while in session using as necessary. We strive to provide advocacy updates, statewide along with federal updates.  Donations to our MACPAC can be made on line or by check.


MBAC members are regularly updated of what is happening in the mortgage industry. Information will be provided via the website along with emails and at some point text messaging for quick updates. Special notices are sent to all members whenever national and/or local events change. Upcoming educational opportunities & other events are always publicized well in advance to all members through email, as well as published on the online MBAC Calendar.


Each year, Syd Stickley golf tournament, the annual convention, Pope & Dee McCandlish Scholarship, and much more, to get involved with!


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